AffirmHealth:  Our Value Proposition and the Practices We Serve

By: Mario Ramirez, MD

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When we first founded AffirmHealth in April 2016, we had one goal:  to make opioid prescribing safer for patients and providers.  We did that by automating state opioid database queries so that they integrated with clinicians’ workflow and improved patient safety, maximized provider efficiency, and fixed a headache for both patients and providers.  In 2018, we are going to be dramatically expanding that offering and I wanted to spend some time explaining our value proposition and how we support practices that use our services.  Our focus is still the same:  we recognize that opioids have a critical role in the management of pain.  But even one overdose is too many.  Our goal is to make sure we help drive that number to zero.

Who Are We

Each of us at AffirmHealth has been touched in some way by the opioid crisis.  Like many in America, this crisis is personal for us.  Both through personal experience and professional practice, we’ve seen the opioid epidemic claim too many lives in our communities.  Our company has a B-Corporation application in process and our team is made up of business professionals, practicing emergency and pain management physicians, a health and privacy expert attorney, and a development team that work together every day to manage our customer focused platform.  Our focus has always been on delivering a tailor-made solution that fits the exact needs of our users.  When our customers need something, they call us, and they know we’ll personally answer the phone.  Outstanding service is at the core of who we are.

Who We Serve

In 2018, AffirmHealth Shield will come in two versions with distinct offerings.  The first will continue to serve individual pain management and medication assisted treatment (MAT) rehabilitation practices with end to end support around opioid prescribing including PDMP automation, drug testing management, and payer documentation.   The second is an enterprise wide solution that will assist practice managers and administrators across all specialties, including primary care, with the safe management of regulatory guidelines that are becoming an increasingly important part of everyday medical practice.  This second version will help allow administrators to monitor adherence to established protocols and provide insight into areas of risk that require immediate attention.

Our Value Proposition

We deliver value to our clients in three areas:

  1. Risk reduction—we work with our clients to develop individualized prescribing protocols that are in line with federal and state guidelines and that take into account institutional and existing practices.  We don’t deliver mandates to clinicians.  Instead, we work with them to make sure their prescribing practices follow legal guidelines that help keep patients safe.  We help show where a practice might be at risk.  And then we develop automated solutions that help mitigate that risk and improve patient and provider compliance.
  2. Convenience and Usability—our focus on clinician processes means that our solution must be integrated into the existing electronic health record (EHR).  There are already too many examples of freestanding and independent applications that take the clinician out of their most efficient workflow.  Our products are designed to be fully interoperable with a number of existing EHRs so that the clinician never has to take their focus off the patient’s care.  With that focus on the point of care delivery, our customers have found that AffirmHealth is a critical piece of their day to day operation that saves both time and money.
  3. Guideline Expertise—the opioid epidemic has created a situation where regulatory guidelines around prescribing practices are changing faster than clinicians can keep up.  With a mix of federal, state, and payer guidelines being released every few weeks, AffirmHealth removes the burden of trying to keep up with all the changes.  We are the guideline experts and our job is to make sure we know the rules better than anyone else.  With our individualized attention to these policies, we can provide advice and recommendations to keep a practice safe and compliant.

Join us

If you are interested in solutions that will help you protect your patients and protect your practice, please contact us.  We will be happy to work with you to develop an individualized solution that fits your needs.

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