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HHS Interagency Task Force on Pain Management Attracts Some Controversy

We've launched Shield on the athenahealth Marketplace

New York's Drug Take Back Act

Talking to Your Patients About Opioid Abuse: A Clinician’s Guide

2018 DEA Drug Threat Assessment: Key Findings

Opioids: A Global perspective. Treating Pain and Battling Addiction.

Teens and Opioid Abuse

The Opioid Epidemic at the End of 2018: Are We Making Progress?

The Future of Managing Pain: Novel Treatments & Reformulations

The Controversial Approval of Dsuvia by the Food and Drug Administration

MIPS and Improvement Activity Data

MIPS and PDMP Usage: How they work together.

An Update on Provider Education Efforts and the Opioid Epidemic

Naloxone and Buprenorphine...Access and Accessibility in America

The Opioid Misuse Situation

An Update on National Naloxone Distribution Efforts

Sweeping Opioid Legislation Passed By Senate. What you need to know about STOP & OCRA

PDMP's: A discussion For and Against a State By State Monitoring Program

State Spotlight: Oklahoma is OK for Medical Marijuana

State Spotlight: Fighting the Opioid Misuse/Overdose Epidemic in TN

State Spotlight: OHIO -- Dealing with the Opioid Misuse/Overdose Epidemic

3 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Change in Your Organization

How Organizations Benefit From a Partnership with Affirmhealth's Shield Software Platform

Legislative Update for the Sunshine State. New laws took effect in Florida on July 1, 2018.

Implementing Opioid Management Guidelines Through Electronic Decision Support: A Clinician’s View

Why AffirmHealth Partners With Healthcare Systems

What Tennessee Clinicians Should Know About Prescribing Opioids: A Legislative Update


What Kentucky Clinicians Should Know About Prescribing Opioids: A Legislative Update

Prescribing Authority and Restrictions: A State-by-State Overview

Weekend Round Up: Healthcare Databases, Chronic Pain Patients Feel Caught in Debate and State Updates for Florida, and Connecticut

Weekend Round Up: Pennsylvania and Tennessee State News, Insurance Coverage and Marijuana Training Scrapped

Michigan: Controlled Substance Legislation UPDATE

Weekend Round Up: Opioid Legislation Passes, Analyzing the Opioid Epidemic, Frank Conversation Around Addiction Treatment

Word on the Street: Fentanyl

Weekend RoundUp: Ketamine Guidelines, Kentucky Sues Walgreens, SAMSHA Updates Opioid Toolkit and more

Three, Five, and Seven Day-Opioid Limits:  Where Do They Come From and Why You Should Care

Weekend Round Up

Safety in Numbers: Morphine Milligram Equivalents (MME)

Weekend Round Up

Kratom: A Primer on the Controversy Surrounding the Opioid Analogue

Weekend Round Up: Memorial Day Edition

Opioid Tapering: Risks & Benefits from a Pain Management Leader

Weekend Round Up

Pill Counts: A Tool for Medication Adherence and Diversion Reduction

Weekend Round Up: Mother's Day Edition

Law of Unintended Consequences:  Gabapentin Meets the Opioid Crisis

Weekend Round Up

Treatment Agreements And Informed Consent: What Are They, And Why Do I Need Them?


What's in the Cup: A Urine Drug Testing Primer

Weekend Round Up: Four Legged Victims of the Opioid Epidemic, Opioid Scripts Down - Anti-Addiction Scripts up, Illinois & Virginia in the News

CMS Announces New Guidelines on High-Dose Opioids

Weekend Round Up: NIH Launches HEAL Initiative, Missouri House Approves Bill to Fight Opioid Addiction and the Stimulant Epidemic

Pain Scales: From Faces to Numbers and Everywhere In Between

Weekend Round Up

Are You Effectively Assessing Risk When Prescribing Opioids?

Weekend Round Up

Weekend Round Up

Trump Announces Strategy to Combat Opioid Epidemic

Weekend Round Up

Weekend Round Up: March 10, 2018

SAMHSA Medication Assisted Treatment Protocols Are Out: Here's What You Need to Know

Weekend Round Up: March 3, 2018

Does Your Practice Have Effective Opioid Prescribing Protocols?

Opioid Prescribing Guidelines: A State-by-State Overview

A Platform to Facilitate Opioid Prescribing Compliance

Determine Risk and Demonstrate Medical Necessity When Prescribing Opioids

Opioid Prescribing: Protect Your Patients. Protect Your Practice.

AffirmHealth: Beyond Pain Management

AffirmHealth:  Our Value Proposition and the Practices We Serve

NIH Funds Non-opioid Related Research

The Hidden Dangers of Benzodiazepine and Opiate Combinations

Doctors Increasingly Face Charges for Patient Overdoses

The Opioid Epidemic and the Need for Private-Public Partnerships

Are You Keeping Up With Your State's Chronic Pain Guidelines?

New Toolkit Supports Providers with Prescribing Guidelines

Tiger Woods and America’s Drugged Driving Problem

Why Punish Chronic Pain Patients?

Hudson: How to End the Opioid Epidemic? Contain, Reduce, Extinguish

Do I Need A Pain Specialist?

Do Higher Opioid Doses Lead To Worse Outcomes?

Don't Be An Accidental Drug Dealer

A New Approach to Combating Opioid Misuse in Tennessee

Integrated Pain-Psych Program Cuts Costs by 45%

Generating Pain Management Information in the Opioid Epidemic Era

Changing the Conversation: Developing Tools to Combat Opioid Misuse

A Pharmacist's Perspective: PDMP Checks are a Must

PDMP State Mandates: Here to Stay for the Foreseeable Future

The Missing Piece in the CMS Opioid Misuse Strategy

Prescription Opioid Misuse: Even When Prescribed by a Doctor

What can states do to stop the opioid crisis: Increasing prescriber use of prescription drug monitoring programs is critical to stopping opioid misuse and overdose deaths

In the News: Does access to medical marijuana reduce opioid deaths?

Treating Chronic Pain: An Interventional Approach

Patient Care & The Opioid Epidemic - A Clinician's Perspective

Mastering MACRA: What My Pain Management Practice Should Know

Prescription Drug Monitoring: What Every Doctor or Nurse Should Know


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