The ACP Tool is now available to athenahealth customers

By: Mitch Evans

Reading Time: 1 minutes

Date: 10/28/2019

Filed Under: Advance Care Planning, athenahealth

We’re excited to announce that the AffirmHealth Advance Care Planning (ACP) Tool is now live on the athenahealth marketplace and available to all athenahealth customers.

The ACP Tool helps providers streamline Advance Care Planning services, so they can increase revenue, improve patient experience, and enhance population health.

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As part of the athenaheath marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to athenahealth’s growing network of 160,000 healthcare providers to streamline Advance Care Planning discussions, automate procedure billing, and manage Advance Directives.

“AffirmHealth makes Advance Care Planning easy,” said Dr. Aaron Shoemaker. “It helps us perform a valuable service that our patients absolutely love.”

About athenahealth

athenahealth is a network-enabled, results-oriented services company that offers medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health services for hospital and ambulatory clients. The company’s vision is to build a national health information backbone to help make healthcare work as it should. As a Marketplace partner, AffirmHealth joins a network of like-minded healthcare professionals who are looking to disrupt established approaches in healthcare that simply aren’t working, aren’t good enough, or aren’t advancing the industry and help providers thrive in the face of industry change.

About AffirmHealth

AffirmHealth is a leading provider of Advance Care Planning software. Founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2016, the company helps medical groups generate additional revenue, improve the patient experience, and enhance population health.

To learn more about AffirmHealth’s new integrated Advance Care Planning application, please visit AffirmHealth’s product listing page on the Marketplace.

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