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The Rural-Urban Opioid Divide and the Space In-Between

Mar 26, 2019 10:00:00 AM by Mario Ramirez, MD posted in Opioid Epidemic, fentanyl, controlled substances

In my day to day emergency medicine practice, I routinely treat and manage opioid related overdoses, sometimes as frequently as three or four patients a day. And while the emergency clinical care of an opioid overdose is the same in rural, suburban, and urban emergency departments, I’ve often felt myself wondering what it is that drives the differences in these groups.

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What Tennessee Clinicians Should Know About Prescribing Opioids: A Legislative Update

Jul 24, 2018 10:01:00 AM by Jody Lutz and Mario Ramirez, MD posted in Tennessee, opioid prescribing, opioid legislation, fentanyl

Starting July 1, 2018 doctors who prescribe opioids in Tennessee face stricter guidelines and checkpoints before beginning acute or long term opioid therapy (COT: Chronic Opioid Therapy) for their patients. Additionally, the new laws will incentivize offenders to complete substance use treatment programs in prison and make dealing fentanyl and other dangerous substances second-degree murder when it causes a death. Recovery high schools, partial dispensing of opioid prescriptions and Buprenorphine prescribing restrictions are also included.

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Word on the Street: Fentanyl

Jun 19, 2018 9:24:23 AM by Jody Lutz posted in Opioid Epidemic, opioid prescribing, opioid legislation, fentanyl, opioid abuse

The rumors are out there, maybe even whispers in your waiting room. The news is flooded with tales of the opioid epidemic and more increasingly the drug fentanyl. A quick search tells us that fentanyl has many nicknames including china white: defined by a site user as “a pure/raw or high grade heroin, mixed with the powerful synthetic painkiller, fentanyl. Combined, these two create a very very high grade painkiller.”

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