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We directly attribute AffirmHealth's traction to our team's passion to aid in the fight against the ongoing opioid epidemic. Every employee has been personally affected by the crisis--two of our founders are from small, rural towns in the crosshairs of the crisis and our third founder (an ER physician by training) works on the front-line and sees the epidemic's impact daily. Our personal experiences led to a unified, burning passion to help and that is what drives us every day.    

We founded AffirmHealth in early 2016 with the thesis that technology (software) could help healthcare providers combat the opioid epidemic.  Over the past two years, we have grown to be considered an influencer in the opioid-related healthcare technology field. While we would like to credit this to our brilliant technologists and product, the truth is that our different, somewhat contrarian approach to healthcare technology has a lot more to do with it.  Our approach is simple: clinician-facing healthcare technology is incredibly powerful, but only if the proper systems/processes are in place before it is introduced.   As a company, we've spent the better part of two years understanding the systems and processes that healthcare organizations have in place (or, more often, don't) around prescribing. Generally, healthcare organizations suffer from a lack of standardization and rely on individuals, not systems. As such, when a new technology product is introduced the result is a blank, "now what?" stare.  Having the system nailed down prior to introducing a new technology makes clinician adoption easier, and is critical to achieving scale. We know that technology can help to drive responsible, compliant prescribing  across healthcare systems, improving patient safety and outcomes--we've seen this first-hand with our customers. However, the Lincoln quote of "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe" must be applied (sharpening the axe = ensuring proper systems are in place). 

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AffirmHealth Shield Empowers Entire Healthcare Organizations 

The opioid epidemic is a multifactorial problem, therefore the solution requires all (regulators, health systems, clinicians, patients, healthcare IT vendors, health insurance payers, and the general public) hands on deck. 

From our perspective, we believe that part of the solution involves giving clinicians the right tools to accurately prescribe and manage opioids on a patient-by-patient basis while staying within state and federal regulations. Our software platform, AffirmHealth Shield, provides better patient and prescriber insights, leading to better care. We customize the software platform to meet state and insurance payer regulations/requirements and optimize it for use in each facility we partner with.

We begin our partnership with our clients by taking a deep dive into the current systems in place around prescribing. Then we co-develop organizational prescribing protocols that act as the foundation (see our approach above) for the software. As clinicians within an organization utilize the tool, administrators can monitor prescribing data to make sure the organization is prescribing responsibly and within regulations.

Partner With AffirmHealth To Stem The Opioid Epidemic  

There are many devastating consequences that the opioid epidemic has on our nation as a whole. To put the financial impact of the opioid epidemic into perspective, the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that the "economic burden of prescription opioid misuse alone in the United States is $78.5 billion a year, including the costs of healthcare, lost productivity, addiction treatment, and criminal justice involvement."

At the same time, pain management, primary care, and other medical practices across the country are being shut down over alleged over-prescription and medical professionals are being arrested on drug charges. Additionally, the resulting regulations have made managing a patient's pain challenging. We are neither "pro-opioids" or "anti-opioids" and we realize that there are instances where opioid therapy is necessary.

The AffirmHealth Shield platform delivers prescribing intelligence that matters to you, so you can drive responsible, compliant prescribing across your entire organization. You can easily track clinic, practice, or system-wide prescribing compliance and trends. This reporting provides actionable intelligence and the opportunity to promote responsibility and transparency. Schedule a call to learn how we can customize a solution that will help you protect your patients and protect your practice:

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