AffirmHealth Shield

A platform to drive responsible, compliant opioid prescribing across healthcare organizations

Develop customized prescribing protocols

We are more than just a technology or software partner. The first step we take with our clients is a deep dive into their systems and processes in place around prescribing. From there, we co-develop organizational prescribing protocols that serve as the foundation of our software. 

These prescribing protocols develop a systemized process that ensures your prescribing clinicians:

  • Comply with federal and state guidelines and laws.
  • Meet insurance payer requirements. 
  • Prescribe responsibly, with the patient's safety being the top priority. 
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Risk Profile (1)-1

Assess patient risk level

Our clinician-facing communication tool provides a localized solution that enables front-line clinicians to easily evaluate individual patient risk level at all stages of treatment. Additionally, the software documents the results of risk screens and assessments. 

EHR Integration

Keeping clinicians in their workflow is a must, and our software does that by directly integrating with an organization's EHR system. This allows our software to document task completion automatically and identify standard of care variance and supportive reasoning. 


Reporting (1)-1

Deliver performance insight

Our solution delivers prescribing intelligence that matters to you, so you can drive responsible, compliant prescribing across your entire organization. You can easily track clinic, practice, or system-wide prescribing compliance and trends. This reporting provides actionable intelligence and the opportunity to promote responsibility and transparency.

Protect your patients. protect your practice.

Drive responsible, compliant opioid prescribing across your organization.