AffirmHealth Shield

Responsible Opioid Prescribing Within athenaClinicals

AffirmHealth Shield, incorporates the applicable state and federal opioid prescribing regulations directly into clinicians' point-of-care workflow and delivers real-time prescription intelligence reports.

Point-of-care Opioid Tool

  • Direct, single-sign on access within the patient’s chart in athenaClinicals
  • Provides a checklist of opioid prescribing activities with labels indicating the time/date when the activity was last performed & the result
    • Checklist activities include: controlled substance agreement, mental health assessment, substance abuse risk screen, urine drug screen, prescription drug monitoring report
  • If an activity is completed during a patient visit, the tool auto-populates the result & checks off completion
  • Includes the patient’s prescription drug monitoring report (state-specific) for review

Prescribing Intelligence

  • Executive dashboard delivers real-time reporting on opioid prescribing compliance & trends
  • Prescribing data available to appropriate clinical leadership and can be segmented by provider, location, practice, or system
  • Reports are able to be viewed at a high level (overall performance) with the ability to drill down to a single instance/prescription
  • Prescribing data can be incorporated into a quality & safety scorecard

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