Advance Care Planning Solution

Proactive end-of-life care planning, or Advance Care Planning, represents an opportunity for health systems and medical groups to drive revenue, increase patient satisfaction, and improve population health.
Despite its benefits, few practices bill for Advance Care Planning at all.  Barriers include:
  • Uncertainty around patient eligibility and billing requirements
  • Provider discomfort conducting the discussion without structure
  • Challenges incorporating the discussion and document management into the clinical workflow
The ACP Tool streamlines the Advance Care Planning process, so providers can focus on patient care.

Simplify Advance Care Planning at the point-of-care

  • Connect directly through the patient chart
  • Identify eligible patients
  • Document the Advance Care Planning discussion
  • Automate billing and quality reporting

Standardize Advance Care Planning across the organization

  • Digitally manage all advance directives across care settings
  • Track and measure utilization with real-time reporting dashboard


View examples of results from the ACP Tool